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About Dark Sun Cabal

Dark Sun Cabal is a Level 25 Guild on Lightninghoof-US Horde, well known for it's progression raid team and variety of activities being offered. Although the guild primarily focuses on PVE, currently boasting an active Heroic/Mythic raid group, Dark Sun Cabal also prides itself in the fact that they offer players every type of game experience possible. Whether you're looking for PVP, PVE, RP, or just someone to run content with, Dark Sun Cabal is the right guild for you! Dark Sun Cabal is currently lead by our GM Bodua and the many  guild officers. Confessors include Naztak, Aethwyn, and Sidro. Shadow Councilors include Tooler, Laranith, and Darbuls.
 DSC, as it is called for short, was founded in August of 2009 by the “Council of Five.” Our GM, Bodua, continues to uphold the values and goals established by “The Five,” although the guild has made many changes over the years and four of the five original founders have left. The council now works together with all guildies to uphold the guild’s Mission Statement; 

“The guild will be a second family for all members, regardless of background. It is our duty to help each player grow not only in the game, but also in real life. Every member’s time, money, and commitment are valuable and should be rewarded with options and activities to fit all. Above all, the “Golden Rule” and a desire for new knowledge are what we pursue to fruition.”

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Legion Pre-Patch, Legion Launch, Raid Dates and MORE.

by Koem1, 314 days ago

Howdy Members of DSC! Welcome back to those returning to the guild and welcome to any new blood we may have now in the guild.


This is going to be a pretty big post.



World of Warcraft: Legion's Pre-patch drops, July 19th. With it come a ton of changes to some of your favorite things about the game like..

  • Class Changes. Lots of Them.
  • New Class - Not released until August.
  • Transmog Update
  • Guild Changes (Raiding Roster, EPGP Returning, ETC.)

During the 6 weeks before the official release of warcrafts 6th expansion things will be ramping up to throw us into the Broken Isles.

  • Burning Legion Invasions

Multiple zones all over Azeroth will become invaded by the Legion who are trying to get a foothold on our world. It is up to you to stop them and make sure they don't retain these footholds.

  • Demon Hunter Early Access

For those that are planning ons wapping to the Demon Hunter you wont be able to until around August 17th. You will start at level 98 and must complete a new starting zone before joining us in Azeroth. REQUIRES A PRE-PURCHASE ON YOUR ACCOUNT TO MAKE ONE.

  • The Broken Shore

As the weeks go on, us heros will be called to action to take the fight to the Legion on the Broken Isles. Be prepared... If you are not all hope is lost.



So what does this mean for the guild?

  • The Return of EPGP. (EPGP will be used full time in raids and other activities, please make sure you have EPGP DKP Reloaded and EPGP Lootmaster addons installed.)
  • Guild Donations will be changing once the expansion is in full swing, talk to an officer to find out what you can do to help now.
  • If you found you have been removed from the guild for inactivity, please just whisper us to get back in.


There are a ton of class changes arriving on July 19th. Some classes will have new forms of "Mana" and some will have completely redone specs.

For more information on these changes for the classes that you are interested in, including Stat priorities, artifact builds and more please visit these should mostly be updated for 7.0


Any other questions can be directed towards the officers of the guild. We will see you all on the battlefield.



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