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About Dark Sun Cabal

Dark Sun Cabal is a Level 25 Guild on Lightninghoof-US Horde, well known for it's progression raid team and variety of activities being offered. Although the guild primarily focuses on PVE, currently boasting an active Heroic/Mythic raid group, Dark Sun Cabal also prides itself in the fact that they offer players every type of game experience possible. Whether you're looking for PVP, PVE, RP, or just someone to run content with, Dark Sun Cabal is the right guild for you! Dark Sun Cabal is currently lead by our GM Bodua and the many  guild officers. Officers include Mawks, Tatianah, Stevv, Nephelle, and Truenoir. Ambassadors include Jervic, Armoogedan, and Laranith.
 DSC, as it is called for short, was founded in August of 2009 by the “Council of Five.” Our GM, Bodua, continues to uphold the values and goals established by “The Five,” although the guild has made many changes over the years and four of the five original founders have left. The council now works together with all guildies to uphold the guild’s Mission Statement; 

“The guild will be a second family for all members, regardless of background. It is our duty to help each player grow not only in the game, but also in real life. Every member’s time, money, and commitment are valuable and should be rewarded with options and activities to fit all. Above all, the “Golden Rule” and a desire for new knowledge are what we pursue to fruition.”

We have moved to Facebook for sending out important updates and staying in touch.
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